CUOA Business School
103, Via Guglielmo Marconi
36077, Altavilla Vicentina
Vicenza, Italy

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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CUOA Business School
Altavilla Vicentina - Italy

3 weeks
January or July


Program Theme

Innovation and Creativity as a strategic resource to obtain sustainable competitive advantages.


Undergraduates interested in the area


To enable executives to lead innovation processes inside or outside their organizations. To develop creative spirit in the managerial context with strategic connections.

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

- Subsidized rates at partner hotels
- Optional visit to the Fashion District in Milan
- Academic Preparation and Logistics for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Professors are PhDs with vast professional experience at executive levels;
  • Two meetings with local executives within the activity schedule;
  • Optional visit to the UN Headquarters and the World Trade Organization in Geneva;
  • Use innovation and creativity as strategic resources for sustainable competitive advantage.


Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Program Profile
Classes and company visits in a full-time basis

100h classroom/activities/ company visits

Additional Activity
Visit to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, or the Fashion District of Milan, Italy

Students per Classroom
From 15 to 30

Certificate in Executive Management

€ 5.620 + Enrollment Fee: € 60
Up to 16 installments

Partial scholarships (50%). Apply now!

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Module 1


Personal characteristics and skills which foster entrepreneurial and managerial performances and enhance firm competitiveness; developing and improving these skills. Company Visits and Project Work.

Module 2

Business Models

How enterprises work, deal with the competitors and, generally speaking, compete in the global economy; which activities firms perform, how they perform them, how they create superior customer value (low cost or differentiated products) and put itself in a position to appropriate the value. Project work.

Module 3

Creativity & Innovation

Organizational processes which improve the ability to innovate products and services; skills needed to increase the orientation to innovation. Project work. Graduation Ceremony.

CUOA Business School - Foundation CUOA is one of the most active learning centers of Administration in Europe. Founded in 1957, it is a business school supported by universities of Padova, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Ca' Foscari, IUAV (Venice) and Verona. Located in Italy, it offers programs in English for students from all over the world. It is a private foundation, non-profit, that supports students of emerging countries.

Profile of students who have attended this course

  • Accenture
  • ADP Brazil
  • AFP Integra
  • Aguas de Antofagasta
  • Alstom
  • Ambiotech
  • Amil
  • Ancoradouro
  • Banco de le Nacion Argentina
  • Basf
  • Beijing Huitong Education Technology
  • Beijing Shangqing Business Management Consulting
  • Beijing Zhszh Medical Technology Consulting
  • Berseba Comércio
  • Bradesco
  • Braspag Technology
  • Itaú Unibanco
  • Latam
  • Santander
  • Unilever